Wednesday, September 27, 2017

LondonEdge 2017 - NEVER BORING

Herman's team at LondonEdge in 2016.
Now with more attitude! 2017

Greetings from cold Finland! We returned from the alternative lifestyle fair called LondonEdge a couple weeks ago and it was our 4th time attending to that particular unique trade show. LondonEdge is definitely the most inspiring event - amazing brands, gorgeous models and all of us being one big family.

We met many flawless EdgeInfluencers and we were very liked among the crowd. Our brand has been now running a year and a half, and the brand is getting more recognizable than ever! I've been working now for a year for Herman's Professional - so it's anniversary time!

We keep bumping into more and more new customers and visitors who are saying "I've already heard of this brand - it's amazing!" How cool is that! Very cool indeed for a brand as fresh as us.

New posters and new colors! © Chris Heath
© Chris Heath
Gorgeous @DinaMorti and @Lady_Munster . Credits © Chris Heath


Fennec London Scarves
Ladies Alla and Anna visiting us and Chris Heath took some amazing photos of us!

Amazing Shelly D'inferno came to say hi to us and got a few samples to test! We can't wait to see the results. We got matching hair! 
Gorgeous Psychara - she is always such a sweetie! 
Adorable swedish Faeteeth, was so great to meet you!
What comes to our best friends at the LondonEdge, we have our rad SWE/DK united punks from a unique brand - Crime City Clothing ! We met them last year at September's LondonEdge and this time they got new members to their cool gang. Hopefully in the future we could collaborate some way - aren't they cool?!

Cecilia is the owner of the brand. Check out their sick instagram:
This photo is from last year! Can you spot Herman's team among these cool punks?

Our other cool friends are an Italian brand called Librastyle ! They are the sweetest people I know - trust me! We've known each other for a year now and I've never met such kind people. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures together so no pictures of us, boo. A worth mentioning are HexBomb girls who we met last February at the LondonEdge show. There are many more: i.e Bepapaia and Angry Itch.. The list could go on and on! We respect and support our friends, and we are like one big family in London Edge! ♥

Friday, August 18, 2017

Herman's Amazing Granny Hair - How to achieve the perfect grey?

Photo by Nelly Tatti / Herman's Professional

Our officeworkers have been testing different ways to get the best result of perfectly grey hair after the launch of our new grey dyes last year. And here we have a test for you to show how the perfect grey is achieved best by using our products!

So we got two new family members to the color family last year with the lighter Gilda Granny Grey and an ashier Mathilda Granny Grey which you can see underneath.

To achieve the clearest result of grey, you need to bleach your hair first and then use Platinum Veronica White to get out all the warm shades off your hair so that the hair won't turn green when dyed with grey.

Example 1 - Gilda Grey

As you can see in the picture above, we used a warm blonde hairstrand which we then dyed with Veronica and then put Gilda on top. The one on the far right is an example of what happens when you dont use Veronica below the Greys. It looks a little "dirtier" and has a greener shade than the center one.

Example 2 - Mathilda Grey

The starting point is the same as above. And as you can see again, the one with the platinum Veronica underneath Mathilda looks clearer and the type of grey we all want to achieve when dyeing our hair at home.

Hope this tutorial helped!

Now show us your beautiful greys in the comments and tag us on instagram with #hermansamazinghaircolor #hermansgrannygrey

Photo by Nelly Tatti / Herman's Professional